Foggy Headlight Restoration & Protection

We provide an effective and affordable headlight restoration service that comes to you anywhere in Auckland, and leaves your headlight lens crystal clear again. Not only can we repair faded headlights, yellow headlights, oxidised headlights and foggy headlights, but we can help protect them from deterioration for years to come.

Depending on your needs & budget, we offer two solutions..

1)      Removal of discolouration to reveal full clarity through the lens – without using any protectant (oxidisation and discolouration will eventually set in again as time goes by) $50+ gst when added on to another service

 2)      Removal of discolouration to reveal full clarity through the lens plus UV sealant to prevent any future erosion of the lens for 3+ years (recommended) $150+ gst

Although we can’t guarantee a permanent solution (heck – even the headlights on brand new cars eventually fall victim to oxidisation), our headlight repair system with UV sealant will easily provide 3 years’ worth of protection before any discolouration begins to creep back in, and in many cases it will last much longer. 

Yellow headlight repair Auckland
Foggy headlight restoration

What causes foggy headlights in the first place?

Do you remember when headlights on cars used to be made of glass? Well, that was many years ago, and for a long time since, car manufacturers have been using hard plastic (polycarbonate) instead. Over the outside surface area of the plastic is a protective coating to prevent the porous surface from slowly corroding. Over time harsh road elements, detergents/chemicals, and ultra violet rays from the sun break down the protective layer which then allows the oxidisation process to kick in. Rotorua with its eggy-sandwich sulpur in the air, is notorious for corroding headlights at a rapid pace.

Did you know cloudy headlights can be unsafe on New Zealand roads?

More and more WOF’s are not being passed due to foggy headlights restricting the amount of light that can be passed through the lens. Think about it.. imagine wearing sunglasses or spectacles that have fogged up on a chilly winter morning. Think how much of your vision is restricted. Well it’s the same with your headlights, they can’t see very clearly at all while in that state!

Why bother with headlight restoration?

To replace the light unit on a mid-range modern car, you’d be looking at paying over $1000 each, and on more expensive vehicles much more! We provide a cost-effective solution that will not only improve the looks of your car, but will keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe for years to come. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, we believe headlight restoration is a must! Yellow headlights are unsightly and make a vehicle look older than what it might be, which will likely have a negative impact on the ultimate sale price.

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