Stone Chip Repair Auckland 

We provide a mobile stone chip repair service that uses colour matching technology to enable accurate paint matching that will leave your car looking great again. Paint chips on the front bumper, stone chips on the bonnet.. no one likes them as they tend to draw the eye in, especially if your paintwork is in sparkling condition already (and/or has just been polished). If left untreated, rust can set in causing more widespread corrosion. The good news is we can repair stone chips so that it’s very difficult for the eye to tell there was a chip in the first place, and our process prevents rust from setting in in the future.

How does the stone chip repair process work?

1)      We clean and prepare the damaged surface area

2)      A commercial-grade touch-up paint is colour matched as closely as possible to your vehicle’s paint and applied

3)      We then carefully level off the paint inside the paint chip and remove any excess to ensure a smooth finish

Will the repair be noticeable?

In most cases the paint chip repair will be unnoticeable unless you specifically look for it up close within two or three feet. This solution will never be as good as a full (paint) respray, however it is a much cheaper alternative and is sufficient for most people. This is an excellent cost-effective method of repair that has pleased thousands of car owners across Auckland!

Price guide

Prices vary however can range from $10 to $40 +gst per chip depending on how many stone chips need repair. This can be included as an add-on to another service (e.g. cut and polish or dent repair), otherwise a minimum call-out fee of $150+gst will apply.

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