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Bumper repairs can be expensive; however, we can fix most scuffed and/or scratched bumpers for a fraction of the cost that a typical panel shop will charge. Even better than that… we come to YOU to do the work, saving you time and stress.

How can our bumper repair service be cheaper than most panel shops?

To achieve an exact colour match with no blend markings, panel shops need to take possession of your vehicle, remove the entire bumper and then sand back and respray the entire bumper. This process requires more time, labour and a workshop, which all add up in cost. And to be fair, they will use higher quality paints using a more refined system to produce superior results.

However, not everyone is willing to spend $800 to repair a scuffed corner on the bumper of an 8-year-old Toyota. This is where our bumper repair service comes in handy. Unless you own a high-end car of great value, it doesn’t make much sense to spend that kind of money to have a ‘perfect’ repair job done. We focus only on the damaged area and blend the repair into the existing paint on the bumper.

What sort of results can be expected?

Although we aim for a 100% colour match without any signs of blending, it is safer to expect between an 85 – 95% match. Even an 85% match will be difficult to notice to the naked eye unless you know to look for it. We find that our customers are more than happy with this type of result provided they know up front what to expect.

* If you require a perfect repair, this service isn’t for you. Please contact a panel shop.

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Do these bumper repairs come with a clear coat?

Yes. We finish the job off with a clear coat to offer long lasting paint protection.

What does this cost?

Each job is unique and therefore costs vary, however on average you can expect to pay between $249 to $299 +gst to have the corner of a bumper repaired. Again... compared to most panel shops, this is about a third of the price you would pay for a full bumper repair.

I’m interested… what do I do from here?

Simply fill in our quote form and be sure to include a photo of the damaged bumper. We will then quote you via email. Once you decide to go ahead, we arrange a suitable time & date to carry out the repairs at your home or workplace.

We require access to a power source, and a covered area (garage or car port etc.) is preferred, although we can work outdoors if necessary using our marquee.

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